A question for the Web Designers and Search Engine Optimization professionals…?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I often read under tips for search engine optimization that one should focus on obtaining as many e-mail addresses as possible.
Via contact forms, newsletters, guest rooms etc. etc.
BUT, what I don’t understand is how accumulating e-mail addresses will improve your search engine ranking?
Any thoughts?
Thanks Peter,
I meant obtaining the e-mail addresses legitimately via one’s own site using the common methods.
I’m still not sure how this will improve search engine ranking…

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  1. Peter B Says:

    It won’t generate traffic unless you are planning on sending them SPAM. I would only send a newsletter to someone who asked for it and also have an unsubscribe link in it also. It will also do nothing for your rankings.

    Links back to your site are the best way to get high in the rankings and generate more traffic.

  2. editor@webwordslinger.com Says:

    The folks who give you an email address, complete a form or perform some other MDA are future prospects.

    That email address is permission to backsell the opt-in – to his grave if you want. So, by collecting email addresses, you can do email blasts, auto-responders, newsletters, etc. to keep you site URL in front of the eyes of potential customers/clients.

    It doesn’t have anything to do with Google rank.


  3. kamlavati Says:

    Getting email addresses refers to sending newsletters,email marketing mails and visiting customers for sending information about your services and products

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