Anyone have any creative ideas for Search Engine Optimization for a Real Estate website?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I currently use an Xsite through that I really like I just want to rank higher locally.

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  1. OnlineGeek Says:

    You will have to get backlinks for your website to rank higher. Submit your website to Directories.

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  2. woody Says:

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  3. Kaspid Says:


    I am managing couple of estate agents web site in Spain, Bulgaria and UK.

    The latest one is python properties and euro property Centre…

    To get a good result in local web site such as google map make sure you are adding your address to the footer of your pages.(all pages)

    Also make sure you are adding your web site to these local sites: Europe Largest Local Review
    Google Map
    Yahoo Local
    Google Earth (Bournemouth is not in the list yet!) MSN Local

    Good Luck

  4. kevin s Says:

    Online geek is correct, but there is a lot more to it. To rank higher locally:
    Include your city and state in your content as much as possible, and use the city and state in your meta field (title, description)
    Find websites in your city, and ask everyone of them to swap links with you, even if you have to pay for an add. If you pay, the best sites will be, local news channel websites, local newspaper.

    Make a flyer or booklet and ask local hotels to place these in the rooms (some will not/some will) for some you may have to go to there corparate level.

    Post a classified ad on craigslist, this will be targeted to your city.

  5. Terry R Says:

    Get links from local websites. related sites would be best but any local site will do. Find local bloggers and try to arrange a writeup about you or your agency.

    In local, local links work better than almost anything else.

  6. JM Says:

    To get noticed, you need up-to-date content, with the right words in the right places. Search engines use complex algorithms to match search terms and results. Without these specific keywords in your content, you might as well shut down your website.

    find a SEO that offer a variety of plans for creating a list of the best keywords for your product or service (10, 20 or 30 terms) that will bring more visitors to your site.

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