Are nested tables hinderance for search engine optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

This is the question related to search engine optimization. Some web design companies do not use nested tables and only use CSS (cascading style sheets) for search engine optimization point of view. Can anyone tell that does nested table structure of the page creates problem in SEO

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  1. memetrader Says:

    No they are not and have no effect on SEO.

    However it is important to have a Document Type Definition (DTD) on the first line of your HTML or XHTML page and then to validate the code according to the DTD. When your code is validated then you can be sure that both search engine bots and users will not have major problems.

    I would recommend that you author new sites in XHTML with CSS for many reasons including; easy transition to more advanced technologies, cleaner and more logical markup, increased interoperability and greater accessibility.

  2. dwightl.geo Says:

    yes memetrader is right. but nested tables are a real bummer to navigate for screenreaders that handicapped folks use. download a screen reader and listen to a tabled site and then a css site and you won’t believe the difference. read about web accessibility.

    another thing to is a css site loads much faster. when a browser reads a table it has to read the entire table before any part of it is displayed. a div tag is a whole different story.

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