are there any FREE Search Engine Optimization services out there?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

i just started my small business and want to advertise it on the web. i want to make sure however, that when i do, the advertisement ends up on a search engine like google. are there any free (or very low cost) SEO services out there that can assist with this?

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  1. wrttnwrd2002 Says:

    I think you need to start with some basics. I highly recommend a few sites, starting with – they have a lot of great, free content that can help you learn what you need – and (if I may) my own site.

    Chances are you can get some of what you need for free, but you need to understand the various forms of search marketing first, and I’m not sure you’re there yet. That’s not a bad thing – enjoy learning!

  2. Phyllis Boulton Says:

    I had been shopping around for an affiliate program and all the ones I look at involved paying a fee to enter as a member and/or a fee to use the website & tools and/or a fee to pay for ads and/or a fee to buy leads. It was just too expensive a proposition until I was introduced to this one:

    It cost me nothing to use it until I DECIDED that I was ready for an expanded system. I used it for over 7 months and no one ever hounded me to pay for anything. I was able to participate in all the free training and not only learned how to use the system but also how to market ethically online. It taught me the basics of marketing including SEO and supported me as I advanced to new learning levels. It will capably market an unlimited number of businesses. It provides all the tools to get the job done too.

    Having targetted traffic coming to your site is exactly what any good business wants and needs to survive. With this program, traffic is attracted to your website and generates quality, unique & exclusive leads. They come because they are attracted to your business.

    Once the basics were learned and I advanced to new levels I wanted to use the expanded system features. Success cannot be avoided when you are well trained and use powerful, efficient & effective tools like these:
    * a legitimate, no spam tolerated, privacy maintained, bulk mailing system
    * unlimited autoresponders with customizable sequential marketing timelines & content in choice of plain text or html (studies prove that it takes a minimum of seven or more contacts before a purchase is seriously made or even considered)
    * unlimited email addresses
    * tools to blast ads out to a potential of billions of outside ad sources (includes unique ad trackers);
    * consistent and up-to-date site traffic stats;
    * unlimited & responsive leads development and their management through:
    ~ acquisition of premium unique & exclusive leads of like-minded entrepreneurs
    ~ marketing double opt-in verified & unverified leads through Veretekk’s reverse marketing system
    ~ contact management system that stores and manages any size database according to your requirements and gives you the ability to communicate with groups or your entire database through customized emails
    ~ premium lead control panel allows tracking of all your contact communications, transfers, reminders etc.
    * free unlimited training and support through live conferencing to learn how to use the system and how to ethically market
    * ability to link each marketing portal to complement each other while supporting a marketing campaign in any one or more of the portals.

    The most exceptional point about this system is that it is made up of a community of like-minded people who support each other. There is an absence of competition. The rule of no-crosspromoting within the program walls has created a safe haven of learning and relationship building.

    I pay less than $50 per month to market & generate leads (a great deal less than any traditional business would pay to market and promote their business). It has been worth every penny!

    Free is worth checking out … especially when there is no obligation! You are welcome to contact me for further information and I will send you my email address.

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