Besides Search Engine Optimization, what are other cheap easy ways to get traffic to your website?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

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  1. ravyn007 Says:

    - Links from other sites to your using specific keywords
    - XML/RSS feeds
    - Make sure the title tags on your site are short but descriptive
    - Key words in your alt tags
    - Manually submit your site to the major search engines
    - Make sure there is text on your page that gives enough information to search engines (search engines do not read images)
    - Create and maintain a good site map
    - Regular updates to your site with date of last update on your site specified

    Lastly you can try a simple Google adwords campaign (you can even set limits so you do not spend more than a certain amount per day on click throughs). You can even use the adword tool just to see how popular your particular keywords are.

  2. Dudewtf K Says:

    well, everything else that you do to promote your site lies in the subtext of search engine optimization, …Isnt that what we all want? You can try various traffic exchange sites

    Theres a list here
    (look under manual traffic exchange)

    You can also join the advertising programs listed in this site
    by clicking the links, join as an advertiser, you get to show your site to 500 people for 5 bucks, theres many package to choose from

    You can also try directory submission
    This site has a huge directory listing

    I know its a huge pain in the … to submit your site manually by hand to these site, but voila, an elegant solution,
    download the latest ‘ fast form filler’ software for free. It slashes your form submission time in to 1/10 .
    You can also try link-exchange, but i wouldnt recommend displaying more than 10 links in one page of your site.

    theres many more blackhat seo techniques,
    but i suggest you do the easy ones,

  3. Tim Ng Says:

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  4. Brian T Says:

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