Can anyone provide any advice on SEO (search engine optimization) for a website?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I own a small business in a very competitive field, and I am looking to improve and work on SEO for my website. Does anyone know of a company that does this work with reasonable rates? Or does anyone have any other good ideas in this area? I’d like to see my company’s name come up on google and yahoo searches. Thanks.

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  1. memetrader Says:

    There is so much rubbish and out of date SEO advice on the web that it is very difficult to separate the truth from the fiction unless you are already an expert.

    Forums are particularly bad because you get every possible shade of opinion and if you are a beginner you have no way of knowing what is correct.

    I have found only two up to date, free, high quality tutorials:

  2. CaptainTechno Says:

    Hey, great question. Search Engine Optimization is a very tricky business and cannot be easily understood in just a few paragraphs. I used to give long answers to this question, but got tired of repeating myself, so I just wrote a 13 page guide that you can download for free and read over. It will tell you everything you need to know about SEO. – This has some extra stuff with the eBook for resellers – This is just the plain eBook

    I hope this helps, as it covers much more than I could go into in the word limit alloted by Yahoo!

  3. VicSEO Says:

    Nevertheless, should your website or opening webpage fail to contain “generic” keywords, then anyone using such “generic” queries will not be able to discover your website. Your domain name [URL] of your website, in a sense, will be invisible, undiscoverable.

    You may want to consider some simple algorithms which, when observed and committed in designing of a website with placement of various critical metatags that can surely achieve a high search engine presence and increase Internet traffic to your website. These metatag strategies work well with published webpages at Google and Yahoo.

    Design: Should you create an extensive Flash-based website, make sure to fill-in the property entries such as the Title, Description and Keywords. Failing to do so, leaves no hard HTML or ALT resource that can be readily indexed by search robots. Also consider the Internet audience and their incoming setup. For example, if they are on analog/dialup, Flash webpages take too long to load up and therefore analog users will likely lose interest and discontinue entering the Flash site. On the other hand, anyone on hi-speed DSL lines, will welcome Flash pages which load quickly. So before designing a pure Flash websitge, ask the simple question, “Who’s my end user – is he on dialup or DSL?” And if you had to choose between these two users for maximum marketability, then select analog users since 80% of most resident users are still analog Internet subscribers and pure HTML designed webpages is best for them.

    A non-Flash-based website which relies on hard text, is far easier to be indexed by search robots. Limit the use of stylized text saved as .gifs since as a graphic, they are not indexable by search robots.

    Avoid use of frames since any number of search robots are unable to properly classify textual material.

    Placement of Metatags:

    A ranking or search order does take place with Google and Yahoo and it begins with the “Title” metag which should consist of no more than 65 characters separated by commas. The “Title” should describe in generic terms, the goods and services, followed by a location from which the resource is located, i.e., city, state. The placement of a domain name which is not generic within the “Title” is not appropriate, unless your domain name is a major recognizable brand name.

    The second metatag is the “Description” which is usually 25-30 words to form a complete sentence which best describes one’s goods and services.

    And the very last category – “Keywords” are also somewhat limited to 15-16 words which can be plural and compound in nature. Again, avoid multiple entries which could be mistaken as “spamdexed entries” which is defined as the loading, and submission of repetitive words into a particular metatag category. “Spamdexing” when discovered on a webpage and reported to Google’s can result in the elimination of your website from their search directory.

    Here’s an example of a very highly-placed website on Begin with the search query “pizza downtown los angeles.” It will bring up some 1.4 million+ websites as results. Check out where “Pizza Next Door” is ranked. It’s in the Top Five! Again, Pizza Next Door’s high web presence was achieved by proper web design and placement of relevant metatags according to Yahoo’s publication guidelines.

    Good luck!

  4. Angie Says:

    Have you researched on Google or Yahoo about search engine optimization or search engine marketing companies? That would be a good way to go if you are looking for a company that does this sort of work. ;)

    I do my SEO with ineedhits – – who offer quite reasonable and competitive rates. The staff are also quite friendly.

  5. Patrick Says:

    Actually, I thought the ultimate aim is to promote your business. SEO is just one method to build up your traffic.

    There is a lot of way to advertise either free or at a very low cost online. These are broadly classified into 3 main area. 1) Buy Traffic 2)Build Traffic and 3)Steal Traffic. All of these are trying to get more visitor to visit your websites and eventually know more of your invention and get the products from you.

    I normally use (2) and (3) as some of these methods are often free or at a low cost.

    Find out more from the link in my profile, it tell you how to setup a successful online business including the ways for better marketing online. It will tell you what are these steps, the reason for each step, how you could go around doing it and where you could get the necessary resources free or at a low price.

    Hope that it will be useful to you.

  6. Crimcheck Says:

    The best way I have found to go about doing this is attending Cricket walkers class. She has set up a yahoo group for this. Here is the url. She really is an awesome teacher.

    This is a great starting point. Initially, stay away from the seo forums and boards and so called “experts” Start at the beginning. Do it the right way. Ethical seo is the only way to go. You are going to hear all sorts of advice from meta tags to doorway pages and keyword stuffing. Like I said stay away! Go to Crickets group and stick with it. Some things will seem complicated at first, but you will love the results.

    PS I do not have any affilitaion with Cricket Walker other than the fact that she introduced me to SEO.

    Good Luck!

  7. #1 Internet Advertising Agency Says:

    There is no easy way to get your site a high ranking.

    1) Target the right keywords. Target the wrong keyword phrases and your online business is destined to fail.

    2) Don’t use keywords or phrases that are too broad. The competition is too fierce, and research has shown that though you will get more traffic through general phrases, that traffic doesn’t convert to sales. All of the traffic in the world will do you no good if it doesn’t convert to sales!

    3) Optimize your page content. Target each Web page to a different and highly focused keyword phrase. In other words, your main page should be optimized for one keyword phrase. Are the keywords used relative to the site’s overall content? Do you use too many keywords, or too few?

    We have a huge database of SEO articles, proven small business marketing strategies at:

    Happy reading!


    SEO Consultant

  8. kpraveenkumars Says:

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