Can someone recommend a Search engine optimization company located in Buffalo, New York.?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Looking to get our company website ranked in Google. We would prefer to work with a local WNY company.

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  1. rishi l Says:

    Best way to do this via linkd in or through and SEO job board – SEOMoz has an excellent one read by over 20000 SEO’s – someone may be able to help. Link Below.

  2. Jakes Says:

    Maybe this one might help. They have a very good reputation, and alexa ranking.

  3. Vincent Says:


    Depending on what it is that you are doing – in many cases SEO is dead. You still have companies out there hanging around by the straps of their boots – but for the most part SEO is quickly becoming obsolete, the game is changing FAST!

    There are far better ways to optimize your web presence, that are 1/10th the amount that you will pay for SEO. I suggest that you do some research on SEO – you might find that you can save yourself a few “K’s” by utilizing 2.0 strategies..


  4. chatterbox6218 Says:

    Though I do not know one in Buffalo,New York. But Contact , This is a company located in Delhi-India. They do excellent job. Try it once

  5. pyeqgb p Says:

    I have had great luck with a new local startup in Buffalo, NY.
    Corner Store Marketing LLC provided me top listings on Google and Yahoo for my niche. In addition they came in several hundred dollars under budget, and weeks ahead of schedule.

    I was a bit skeptic going in, as I was unsure how I would gauge the effectiveness of a high ranking keywords, however Corner Store provided me with a great way to track my ROI.

  6. simon_sez28 Says:

    you can sell online free ,here is the website

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