Do meta tags still affect Search engine optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I understand meta tags are old school SEO tactics but I doubt do they still affect search engine ranking?


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  1. _Mark _ Says:

    Yes, they are still important but they are no longer the most important factor, on page keywords are really important as well as relevant external links pointing to your site – but don’t forget meta tags

  2. Brian Says:

    Yes, Meta Tags are quite important today. While they are not the dominant factor they were in the 90′s, your website will never rank well without well defined Title, Description, and Keyword tags.

    As you update the Meta Tags, do not overlook the content of each page. The keyword density, use of H1 / H2 tags for your keywords, keywords in Alt Image Tags, and appropriate use of Bold/Italic/Underline of keywords is critical.

    Good luck on your optimization!

  3. Internet Marketing Junkie Says:

    Title Tags are of very high importance. Putting your targeted keywords for a given page in the meta keywords tag, is definitely worth the time it takes to do.

    About a year ago a colleague of mine did a little experiment with a website which had zero seo work done on it. All he did was fill out all the meta tags and it almost instantly started ranking much higher.

    Note: the domain was like 6 years old, and it had a decent amount of traffic which came from tv commercials. So I cant tell you exactly what made it work but Im just trying to show that it is important because it is so simple to do!

    hope this helps

  4. Indigo Says:

    Yes, meta tags are still useful for SEO and many are extremely beneficial to have.

    Description meta tag – Shows up in search engine results under the title.
    Robots – Robots.txt file tells the search engines whether or not to follow links and index pages.
    Geo-tagging – Good for targeting local areas.

  5. Tom Antion Says:

    “Keyword” meta tags are useful to put common misspellings of words that you don’t want to put on your main page. Because they have been abused so much in the past, search engines pay little attention to them anymore and haven’t for several years.

    “Description” meta tags, however, are a different story. Just within the past few months they have made a resurgence and taken on much more importance. Take great care in writing them and make them compelling so that if you do get a high ranking in a search engine, your good description meta tag will make the searcher want to click on your listing.

  6. Brain Says:

    Yes, Meta tags are really important to make your site visible over search engines. Right use of keywords in the content and meta tags (title,description) of your website makes it easier to find for search engines.

  7. beanstalkseo Says:

    Title tag is very important
    Description tag is crucial for clickthroughs
    keyword tag is effectively useless but a best practice.

    the title and description tag are what will show when your site appears in the search listings (assuming the keywords searched are int he description) and so this is your opportunity to tailor the message the searcher sees and improve clickthroughs.

    The title is also a key weighted SEO factor.

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