Does anybody know a really good book for SEO (Search engine optimization)?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I’m having a hard time finding my website on any search engine. I just want to know if there are good books that I can buy/get to learn it. There are some software tools that I see on the internet, but they are really expensive. If I go to trainings, they are more expensive. Please help!

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  1. NowakFilip Says:

    Try adding your site to web directories, such as

  2. RealSEO - Ask Good Questions Says:

    Peter Kent wrote a great book in the “dummies” series called Search Engine Optimization for Dummies…. I have it and think it’s one of the best for beginners – and has tips even advanced SEOs will like… Highly recommended.

  3. James P Says:

    Hi. I have some experience with web sites and Internet marketing. I think I may be able to help you out. There is a free e-book called SEO Fast Start 2008 that you need to download and read. You can find it here:

    It explains exactly what elements on a web page attracts the most attention from the search engines and walks you step-by-step through the entire process of building a site from scratch.

    Here’s a link to a site I’m working on right now. It’s not finished but everything that’s up is working. You can take a look if you want here:

    I hope this helps you. If you have any questions you can email me at


  4. Search Marketing Man Says:

    The best SEO book on the shelf is Search Engine Marketing Inc. It is a year or so old but it will give you a great foundation.

    But to really understant and use current SEO you have to keep an eye on the blogs. Searchengineland.

  5. sunil g Says:

    Follow this link to get your website listed in search engine

  6. justwantmoreinfo Says:

    Yeah i know a great site and a great Ebook its only 4.95 for the ebook plus you can email them with any SEO questions like how to rank higher for free. (dont have to buy anything). They will even show you how to build better links to help push your page rank up, so you get seen on check out or if you have any other questions just email the but they also have a free help section located at

  7. melihoe Says:

    Hello Jessica,

    I don’t know if a book will be a good choice. Any book on this topic that you may find in a bookstore will be outdated by the time you have bought it. Everything you could possibly need is already on the web and very current.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now-a-days covers quite a range of items that your website will need.

    First of all there is no single item that will do the trick. Its a combination of of various pieces to the puzzle. Part of it lies within your website and the other part you can call an “outreach” program by getting your links onto other websites (e.g. blogs, social bookmarks, forums, press releases, etc)

    Outside of that you also are missing a DocType in your HTML code. Take a look here:

    While you’re at the W3C take a look at your validation errors too:

    We have an article that we wrote you can read here:

    Also, touch base with Webmaster forums for more information like the following three:

    Also, here is another good resource:

    One last thing. You will need to get into the process of generator a sitemap of your website regularly as a sitemap.xml file. You can read more about this at created by Google, Yahoo and MSN and you will need a sitemap generator at You can then submit your sitemaps to the search engines in their respective areas.

    Learn about Link Popularity, Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Keyword Density

    Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

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