Does anyone know of a website that has fast website Search Engine Optimization services?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Does anyone know of a website that is fast,reliable and will have your website up and running in the search engines(major) really fast? I’m not talking about weeks but hours if possible? Does such a website exist?

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  1. Ads Says:

    I use IBP in the free trial version. This program optimizes your site. To get it into search engines do not submit it for inclusion. Go to some blogs, forums, post articles and leave your comments with the signature. Something like this :
    Psychic ability
    You need lots of text links to your site. When trawled you will find yourself quickly in all indexes.
    I leave comments on page rank 5 and above blogs using my signature. My new sites get indexed within two to three hours.

  2. Matt Says:

    Sure they exist, but they are scams.

    The only way to get your site in the search engines with in hours is through a program like Adwords.

    SEO takes time and any black hat tricks will get you banned.

  3. jcz1203 Says:

    It depends on what you’re talking about. It is always best if the search engine’s naturally find you. They are very friendly to those who use sitemaps too.

    I recommend going to and creating a sitemap for your website. Then submit that sitemap to the major search engines and within hours or a few days you’ll see your site in the search engines if you search for your site directly.

    You can submit your sitemap here: (Replace SitemapUrl with your website address)
    MSN isn’t very sitemap friendly yet…

    After that, it will take time to naturally climb the results pages for your keywords. That’s where link building and optimization really come in. You’ll climb up to the top of results faster for low volume, non-competitive keywords…sometimes within a few weeks. Otherwise it can take months or years to climb to the top with high volume, competitive keywords.

    Good luck!



  4. imseoguru Says:

    1) use Blog optimization. You will achieve it.

    2) Create a blog, attach to your site and ping all the major blog search, technorati websites.

    3) Use web 2.0 websites to promote your website. Have articles, post in forums, comment in others blogs and reach Top 50,100 of web 2.0 sites.

    These all can be achieved in hours…

    Last but not least traditional option. Create google sitemap in XML and submit it to Google, sitemap.html to your homepage and urllist.txt (sitemap with only URLs, save it with that name) submit it to yahoo. MSN accepts all of above.

    Latest and Best Technique is

    Have link to your website from very high PR value sites. This is the best answer and perfect too for your question. It Works. 100%.

  5. ~ Voter ~ Says:

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