Does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Have Future?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Today there are SEO promotion and consulting services for small businesses. They hire people with knowledge in search engine optimization and some time ago SEO wasn’t even known.

With Google’s constant algorithm changes, SEO changes too. What will happen with SEO in the future? Will SEO keep changing or eventually bail out?

Should i rely on SEO as a long term job once i am accepted and should i keep improving my knowledge there? Is SEO recognzed as a regular daily job in Ministry Of Labor?

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  1. imisidro Says:

    As long as the web is a viable communications and business medium, SEO will have a future. Because there is a need to organize and find information online — and that is a role played by the search engines.

    But as you said, it is a fast changing field. SEO in 1999 is vastly different from SEO 2008. Heck, even SEO six months ago is different from SEO today. What worked before may not work anymore as search engines change their algorithms.

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    There is a demand for SEO services, and the better you are, the greater the possibility for earning more. But it is a job that will require you to learn, learn and continue learning. If you love to be on your toes and watch for new trends, this is the job for you (but if you love to sit in your office and wait till 5 pm, then it is not the job for you)

  2. RealSEO - Ask Good Questions Says:

    Search marketing as an industry is growing rapidly and expected to continue growing…. and changing. Anyone willing to keep their skills current will have long-term viable career choices anywhere they live.

    Jakob Nielson explains this very well in his post, and the commenters did a nice job discussing it (linked)

  3. reynflor Says:

    Here’s a response by Taylor Pratt in some debates. It says that SEO will exist as long as search engines exist. He says that while search engines are smart, SEOs are smart too and can work alongside search engines.

    As long as there are search engines, SEO will survive. SEO isn’t a dying industry, it’s an evolving industry.

    You can check here the information:

  4. Says:

    SEO will faid out then die because great content is what people are looking for that will always rule

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