Has anyone used the Web CEO search engine optimization (SEO) software?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I am looking for a SEO software package that can be used to create reports about websites and what can be done to improve them. We would like to reduce the time it takes to create these reports for clients by hand as we do today. I was looking at WebPosition (which does a decent job creating reports about sites) and just found out about Web CEO (which appears to be a bit better) recently. Is Web CEO good at creating reports about sites? Are there other packages out there that are better?

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  1. SEO Consultant Says:

    WebCEO is an automated program and as such is limited. If you do not understand all the concepts of seo, this software will not help as it does not include what the trained eye needs. For example, it does not tell you if a sitemap is used, or xml sitemap. It states page rank and alexa when both those are not relevent to site placements (the green bar on Google is NOT how google determines site placements or importance and is only updated every 3-4 months. Alexa is only counting people who use alexa as their borwser…so both not really important. It does give you some basic information, but you need to know how to use that as well as what is missing

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