Hi, I’m planning to do Search Engine Optimization for my website it will be work out as per the marketing… Tel?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Hi friends I’m planning to do Search Engine Optimization can anyone give me some suggestions

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  2. Praveen V Says:

    Well, i think that search engine optimization is something which needs a huge capital. There is no doubt whether it is gonna work out. This SEO is not worth the money we pay. We should pay a considerable amount for the service to be rendered. Being a Web Designer and a freelancer on web i can frankly and clearly say that this is utter foolishness. But you can do something better than this which involves low costs only. You can try out Google AdWords. Poat your Ad in Google AdSense services through Adwords. Don’t get confused. You can try AdWords. You should pay for it monthly and the rate is less than the SEO standard rates. It can also increase your website hits. So then your money is worth. You can also try out some websites like http://www.linkreferral.com/ and also http://www.weblog.com/. Post the website link there and i assure you that you can increase the site traffic. I do not say that SEO is a bad option but you won’t get good results as you have expected.

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