How best to structure a Flash-based site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) considerations?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I want the site to do well in organic searches, which usually entails a unique page for each part, and links between parts, yet I don’t want the site to load a new Flash swf each time the user goes to a new section of the site.

(FYI, the site consists of about 8 pages only.)

Thanks so much!

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  1. Joe K Says:

    I’ll give you a million dollar secret. When doing link exchanges or receivin one way links. Whatever your doing have the inbound link go to the .swf of your page. I would have various .swf not one big flash because it will load quicker.

    You can also in flash cs3 write text and ‘render as html’. That works good. Use strong meta tags, title and you can include the words on your flash in a tag. Maybe try to do some seo work or get traffic blazer from it works good got me targeted traffic.

  2. SeanIM Says:

    Make sure you have a few pages with written text on it that is representative of the topic and/or keyword phrases you want to get ranked for. Also ensure you link back to the root of your domain with the ‘anchor text’ you want your site to be ranked for. Also get as many one-way links to your site with the keyword phrase linked that you want to rank well for.

  3. jaamit Says:

    My main advice would be don’t make your entire site in Flash – embed it into an HTML page and be sure to keep the navigation items as HTML text links. The best way of embedding Flash from an SEO point of view is using a technique called SWFobject ( – this loads the flash using javascript, and allows you to replicate the content of the flash in HTML so that search engines can properly index it and follow the links.

    If you really want a flash-only site use SWFAddress ( which allows you to have separate URLs for each section.

    You may have read that Google and Yahoo have recently started getting better at reading flash – while this is true search engines still have a lot of problems with flash and HTML is always better.

    Finally, even if you don’t do any of this you site can still rank well if its good enough to get lots of links from high quality, relevant sites!

  4. BlackHatter Says:

    This page might help you:
    It is a technique called Multiple C Class IP hosting.
    I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for

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