How can one track Search Engine Optimization SEO work of a site and what kind of tools are needed?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Just like google annalytic that provides ranking of a website and daily/monthly progress report in terms of traffic/visitors to the site; what are other tools available so that I would be able to track the traffic????

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  1. theredgiant Says:


  2. Stephanie Says:

    There are a few good SEO analysis tools out there for checking your rankings. Some are free, some are not.
    and web position gold.

    however, google analytics and regular analytic software can be used to monitor your SEO performance. Look over time from when you started optimizing the site to now. Is there an increase in daily traffic? What keywords are people using to find your site? Are they coming from the search engines or from referrals?

    Monitoring your back links also is a good performance metric. is decent but there are a lot out there as well.

  3. arun s Says:

    I tried (free)…. gud tool to capture traffic coming to website. It gives u all the info abt the website traffic. but I donmt kno,, why u want another analytic tool, wen u can use free google analytics. If the website is huge & want the competitor data also u can use omniture.. its a paid one….or google urchin

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