How can Search Engine optimization help the company?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

How do you introduce the company using the Search engine company?

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  1. mike g Says:

    Well, try to bear with me and I will give you what information I can.

    It would seem, from your excitement, that you have found something that interests you well enough at this point. Let’s take it from there then. As I don’t know exactly what that is, I want you to take some time in your busy schedule to do some research in this area that has you so excited.

    Take a notepad with you, during the few quiet moments that you have and brainstorm every possible aspect of that interest. Write down reminders of those ideas in list form. When you are online, use your favorite search engine, as well as a couple of others and research that item. Here is what you will be trying to discover:

    Do you have competition?
    Do you have excessive competition?
    Is there a community for this particular niche? (forums, et cetera)
    Are the competitors that you find online doing anything that you should take note of?
    Are they not doing something that you think you can optimize as a benefit, (sometimes turning your competition into a customer)?
    What would you estimate the profit line to come to in percentages?
    Can you find someone that you respect in this niche that would be willing to talk to you about their business?

    Now, you have something to start with. While you are doing this research you will find yourself getting confused at times but at other times you will find yourself coming up with things that you can develop for your business later on.


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