How do I capitalize on Search Engine Optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

It seems like my website has content, plenty keywords, meta-tags, and a good title. Can anyone give me information on how I can get a higher ranking when people type in “Ripoffs Holsters” or something similar, I am currently around 12th and I want to be number 1 or 2. here is a link to check it out..

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  1. I am Justin M Says:

    If you think you have good content, keywords, and title tags then it is time to start link building. Links are the key.

  2. LuvIndia Says:

    If you have a SEO friendly website, then you need to work out for link popularity. How to do so:

    1. Directory Submission : Free ones & not paid ones.
    2. Articles Submission: Write a article & submit it in Articles Directory. In the source or Writer Description, describe yourself and link it to your website.
    3. Press release
    4. Forum or Blog Comment posting
    5. RSS feed Directory

  3. Brick Marketing Says:

    Well if you have all the bases covered, you can try high rank link procurement, online publicity (press releases) to put yourself out there more.

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