How do I explain to my dad about search engine optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I made a website for my dads company and now he is yelling to me saying that I’m lying to him about search engine optimization. If I understand it correctly you have to submit it to the search engine then link it. I sure there is more to do, but he wont stop yelling to me saying that I’m holding up the company.

He’s about to shell out money to get some one at App State to do it but I really don’t want him to do that.How do I explain to him that you cant push a button and it will show up on the second page of google?

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  1. FailingIdeals Says:

    I use to sell SEO. All the SEO companies are scams! so don’t waste you money trust me… But SEO works with mostly with key words. You can easily research SEO and do it yourself! I got a friend of mines pool company on the front page of Google in 2 weeks. but it was a relatively small city (San Clemente CA) and not many pool companies were competing. It all depends on how many people are trying to make it to the top and how many websites have those keywords in it that you are going to have to get through. But trust me most if not all SEO companies are scams. The ones that aren’t are big $$$. Use google adwords to see what people are typing in the most to know what keywords you want to embed in your website to get the most hits. just do a little research and itll take some time but you’ll get it. You need to realize that if your in a big city and a big industry it could take months to get on the top 7 of google. GOOD LUCK! And no you don’t need to submit your website to anything.. if you optimize it the right way Google will find it on its own.

  2. EmoDx Says:

    If you take a look at my SEO articles you could ask him to read them. In my search engine optimization articles I actually point out almost all of how I go about getting sites ranked. Best of all, you could probably do most of what I charge people to do. But you are right, SEO isn’t something you turn on overnight. SEM on the other hand is something you can turn on over night.

  3. Jakester Says:

    There are legit and shady ways that SEO companies can generate fast traffic boosts. They could just buy PPC ads for the day traffic is being examined, these ads have no long term benefit on seo. They may own a network of ranked sites they can place your site on for fast search result boost, they can as quickly remove the links after the contract expires. You should ask for a report of link sources they provide, it’s common to buy ‘weblog’ site wide links from bloggers for a limited time to boost traffic.

    You can demonstrate the seo qualities of a competitors site the ranks well in search results by entering it in Yahoo Site Explorer.

  4. James Says:

    Search Engine Optimization really that hard to explain to someone who just don’t sit down and take time to listen its curves and humps. Maybe your dad is already like this so you can’t blame him for not having faith on your work much as the same way you convince him on other things. Be patient, prepare a presentation if needed to show him how SEO works, he’s just not that knowledgeable about it so it’s your responsibility to impart him the knowledge that he needs for him to believe what you are doing for the company will give him benefits in the future.

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