How do I optimize a blog for a search engine?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I’m a graphic and web designer, so I do understand a little bit about search engine optimization, but I’ve just never gotten it to work very well for me. I would like to start a blog, and I’d like it to be search able to the public – would it be better to make my own website, or to use something like blogger? How would I optimize it?


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  1. JIM Says:

    If this is a personal blog, I’ve never quite understood how ordinary people seem to think that their blog would be of interest to the worldwide Internet community for people to want to search for it. It is only celebrity blogs that attract worldwide or even national attention and interest

  2. Arty Says:

    Don’t use blogger. Use WordPress.

    I’ll tell you what I know about optimizing your blog.
    First, Install the All on one SEO pack plugin and run it.

    Second, since you’re a web designer, I would guess you know how to edit the heading tags on your website.

    Front page: (index.php)
    Make the title of your website on the -front page- a H1 tag.
    Make all the blog titles on your -front page- H2.

    In the single pages: (single.php)
    Don’t make the title H1. Instead wrap span tags around it using the same style class.
    Make the blog title or article title H1.

    If you didn’t follow, the point is to make sure that there is only ONE H1 tag on each page. If you have more than one H1 tag, most search engines won’t like it.

  3. gr8music at qtrtilldawn Says:

    If you use a blogger site, you will have to have MANY blogs of many different subjects/names/etc. The search engines rate blogs differently than a regular site. So it is the actual information/text in the blog that will be found, not necessarily the meta tags & title.

    You need to have as many link backs as you can find and/or place at any and sites you can, even here on YA, facebook, Twitter, everywhere you can as well as reference it in other similar blogs. The more link backs the higher the rank.

    First link is SEO for blogs.

    BTW, when you get your going, I’ll link you if you link me… second link.

  4. Adi Wirawan Says:

    i think one great way to increase your traffic, is to share link to your web as much as possible, you can try to add to directory online such as, share your content on or or the other services. The key is make is make search engine know that your domain is important.

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