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How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle gives a simple overview of what Search Engine Optimization is, what it does, and how it works. On and off site SEO methods are both covered, as each of them is essential to the overall effort.

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  1. bigpeepsmontreal Says:

    nice video, clear and good graphics. And how about the elevator zepelin. thanks to bzurvalec for pointing that out.

    anymore of those elevator rockers?

  2. arkansasseo Says:

    Nice thumbnail definitions and easy to understand explanation of seo. I will be sharing this video.

  3. seoarticle Says:

    it is ive liked this video too i think i will save this in my favorites. if their is anything you dont understand abut seo or you dont understand how it works please feel free to ask or download the free guide developed by the google team from our channel it gives an insight to the google team in 40 different languages

  4. seoarticle Says:

    The google team has created a starters guide, its very basic you can download it in pdf format from my link and its translated in 40 other languages

  5. seoarticle Says:

    what kind of techniques anything in particular

  6. bzurvalec Says:

    Interesting version of a Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” in the background.

  7. ajayg514 Says:

    google – search themusicage

  8. Edia3456 Says:


  9. luxiehymn Says:

    Thanks for such an informative video, my company is rebuilding it’s website and this information will help us find other websites to link with!

  10. greengirlmachine Says:

    Thanks for a very to the point and simple explanation of SEO. I actually understood it!

  11. mecury83 Says:

    People are always asking me, what is this whole SEO thing about. Now, I can show them this vid, and in under 2 minutes they’ll have an answer. My mom, on the other hand, might still have a hard time haha. ;)

  12. cvonnieda Says:

    Most people learn the hard way that you have to do your onsite SEO before your offsite. This is an excellent overview of the basics!

  13. gjunkcrap Says:

    SEOs have been SO useful in promotion of my site. I can’t imagine trying to exist without them!

  14. genericgoods Says:

    I never knew was SEO even meant til my friend started using it for his website. After seeing how it worked for him though, I can definitely say it’s a smart way to get the word out.

  15. CBrunetti1976 Says:

    I work very hard to use SEO for my articles and web content. I haven’t done anything with my html code though. That just seems out of my realm of understanding.

  16. RedlinCook Says:

    Very nice short answer for “What is SEO?” Can’t wait for more detailed videos like this!

  17. liznard1 Says:

    I’ve always heard SEO and never really understood what it meant and how it impacts my website. This really gave me a great basic understanding.

  18. ValleyoftheSuns Says:

    This video does a great job of breaking down what exactly SEO is for the uninformed. A must watch for the undoctrined!

  19. jonbmx3 Says:

    Good, brief overview of SEO.

  20. MrSringg Says:

    Nice explanation of a complex topic. This is a great way to explain SEO to someone who doesn’t understand HTML code very well.

  21. NacieC Says:

    SEO is definitely a topic that is worth expanding your knowledge on. I’m so glad this video talked about the second part – the links – because I feel like that is the area that is most often overlooked.

  22. ravm2000 Says:

    Very informative! Thanks for the quality information. I would love to see more specific SEO techniques and look forwarded to learning more in-depth information on how SEO works in your other videos.

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