How is Barack Obama’s Search-Engine Optimization So Good?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I have a unique name and when I Google my own name, my Barack Obama page shows up first.

I have about 600 posting in a programmer’s forum and that used to show up first.

How did the Barack Obama do such a good job at SEO?

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  1. Ralph M Says:

    looks like your name as a keyword has higher relevance when cross-tabbed with Barck Obama. Google’s page rank by default lists posts related to current events and recent updates higher than the rest. i wouldn’t be surprised if your posting was tagged somewhere in one of those tag sites under ‘barack obama’ label and if the tag site has higher page rank than the programmers forum it totally makes sense to show up above all other 600

  2. Terry R Says:

    Barack gets links from authority websites and has over 300k back links to his website. He is topical and everywhere online in many discussions both forums and blogs.

    If you have tied yourself to his name in a post somewhere, he is more important than you in Google’s eyes. This situation is one of the more unfortunate problems that arise from automated ranking.

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