How is Search Engine Optimization Different from Web Marketing?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Are the the same or not?

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  1. New Millennium Minds Says:

    Search Engine Optimization is one piece of Web Marketing. Web Marketing could include pay per click, SEO, banner ads, email marketing, etc. SEO is optimizing your Web pages so they are search engine friendly. Making your page titles in sync with your keyphrases strategy, making the text in your Web site match your keyphrases strategy, etc.

  2. D.F. Says:

    Web Marketing is more advertising all over the internet, through banners, text ads, classifieds, etc.

    Search Engine Optimization is working on your site so it shows up high ranking in search engines

  3. nmp948 Says:

    Search Engine optimization is the most overlooked detail most on line marketers ignore. The ability of the web spiders to find and search your web site is critical to your success. SEO, is complex and difficult and requires strict discipline from you on a monthly basis, pages on your site must Continuously
    undergo monitoring on your part. You must know what pages work and which one’s do not. Adjustments to your web site and hand submissions monthly are very important. You must set aside one day each month for this maintenance and be prepared to spend 12 hours completing this task. If this sounds like an over abundance of work hires someone to do it for you. It is after all, your business and life we are talking about. Companies that blast your web site to the different search engines are for the most part ignored over companies that hand submit. Your key words in the Meta tags, you’re customers search terms and the contextual content of your web site must match as a basic in SEO. Researching your target market and how they search for your product is very, very important. Collecting data on which search engine spider is delivering the highest traffic amounts to you and at what times the volume is at peak is critical in building a matrix. With this information you can now start to see and understand how your customers are behaving. Where they land and exit your site. Based on the research from the acquired information, you target advertising and marketing to specific hours in the day when the majority of your customers are looking for your product. This advertising is directed to the search engines delivering the highest volume of traffic to the web site.
    Most people have popup blockers so this form of advertising is useless. Paying for advertisements on you tube will start at around $30,000.00 as an initial buy in. From a small business point of view this cost is prohibitive and will eat up your operating costs for a year with no proof of success for your ads. If you belong to any affiliate program and have no control over the sites content, then this will not work for you period. Owning a web site that is unique to your business allows you the discretionary ability to improve your site at will with fresh content. This is what separates you from network marketers and mlm opportunities and in the long term will bring you a steady income stream and you can build a business with real value. Your data base will increase in size as customers are added to it through sales and if you understand anything about marketing, you will know that this is the real value to your business.

  4. marketingexpert Says:

    SEO is a tool within web marketing.
    Check out ( ) this site has some great content on web marketing.

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