How is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) going to be changed by SMO (Social Media Optimization).?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

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  1. imisidro Says:

    SEO and SMO goes hand in hand in my opinion.

    It is best not to rely on one source of traffic — imagine if 80% of your traffic comes from Google and the change in their algorithm causes your site to lose its ranking. That’s 80% of your traffic wiped out!

    SMO is a strategy that has emerged that has the potential to create huge amounts of traffic for the site. Doing SMO can complement your SEO efforts.

    One tactic — creating linkbaits or great content that people will naturally link to — people will tag, link, mention in blogs and put in their del.i.cious can boost your link efforts tremendously.

    Plus, the heart of SMO is creating GREAT content — which is also the main ingredient in a successful SEO effort.

    SMO can help rethink how to do SEO. Instead of webmasters buying software to automate the request for link emails, they simply need to create great content that they can leverage in social media optimization.

    Using these strategies hand in hand can lead to the achievement of one goal — get more traffic to a site.

  2. david w Says:

    they are dealing with fractal info all the time, thus maybe the standard is hard,and i know a little about that, but i have an idea which you may suppose crazy
    build a software as a service the glossary of each known area of industry/issues/biz/acadamic/etc into the glossary bank, and input known typical topic of each industries/etc into another bank, see the rate of the chance of of each word in the glossary,what exist more, and what exist less,built the data into database with data mining function, and people’s rule is to become the different roles in datamining engineering team of development, if the tools is good enough to make the user only need to focuse on the biz relevant instead of tech relevant issues

  3. money maker Says:

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