How to increase traffic to my site or i need help in search engine optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

if some have india email database please send it to me, it will very help us.

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  1. Indian Guy Says:

    First put some useful contents on your website, second add meta tags to your pages and submit it to search engines. Register your site for multiple years and share like of your site with other good sites. This will improve ranking on search engines.

    You can get email database from some vendors who sell it on CD, but you might get blocked if you send email using your ISP email account or your website account. Spamming is no longer tolerated these days.

  2. Hardy Says:

    To drive traffic, search engine optimization is only a part work to do. It won’t easy but long time effort. Of course you can buy traffic but long term nenefit is to drive natural traffic. Take a look at this url for some links talking about traffic

  3. Kuan Hoong Says:


    I have written an article on “10 simple tips to increase traffic from search engines to your site”. Maybe it is useful to you.

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