How to Master Search Engine Website Optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Does anyone know of a way of consistently producing results with Search Engine Website Optimization? I want concrete stuff, not freebies
My sites are falling from Google’s Organic rankings. HELP!!!!!!!

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  1. Caesar Says:

    Hello Andrea, that problem was a concern for me previously, because I had many affiliate and product sites that were costing me a fortune on Google Adwords and Yahoo Advertising, but not ranking highly on Google Organic Search, which is where the real traffic is. Then I happened across this Internet Guru’s website, Mark Ling ( ) detailing his tricks for getting massive organic traffic, which is free. He had videos and those ensured I couldn’t make a mistake. I gave it a try, and all my sites have never looked back since. I just now only run Google Adwords for new products sites. It might do the trick for you too.

  2. bubbabubba Says:

    Hello Andrea,

    I found this article the other day. The video in the article is funny and talks about what you need for solid search engine optimization and it is very straight forward.

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