how to use social media networks for search engine optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

How social media like, , and other similar website could be used for Search Engine Optimization?

Please explain with small examples thanks,

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  1. narendra0000 Says:

    join social media and make ur community and share ur feelings ur thoughts with ur community.
    act socialmedia is the best way for attract visitors towards ur site.

  2. femi tunde Says:

    There are many ways to use social media sites for SEO and increase website traffic:

    For example, there is a particular and effective strategy you can use for tags, your photos, profile and so on.

    This website gives you more details on this:

  3. Roe Says:

    Using Social Media Networks we can increase traffic easily.

    - submit your site in social networks
    - make friends
    - everyday update your content


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