I am a beginner in the field of SEO, I want very basic information about search engine optimization.?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I did my masters in IT and now I have started learning search engine optimization on my own. I know a little bit about SEO. But I want to master it by all means.

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  1. Shazad Khan Says:

    Make the keywords are in h1 h2 tags in your title and site description. Here is a good easy to follow guide http://www.keyworddiscovery.com/kd-manual-implementing-keywords.html. You then need as many relevant backlinks to your site. If you need SEO doing on your site at a very competitive rate contact me http://diamond-designz.co.uk

  2. Ramon Says:

    Here is an interesting guide on SEO.


  3. Co de Naam Says:

    If you want the very basic information about SEO, I advise you to go to http://bit.ly/MarketingWonder because those guys have a whole video series which is extremely simple and laid out in the necessary sequence… I was a total nitwit on SEO but I have learned a lot from those people. It is a team of people like you, so I bet you speak “their language” so to speak. Just try it out.

  4. jim c Says:

    Do a search for Brad Calles “SEO made easy”, it is a free ebook. It is a great e book that explains the basics of SEO. There are some outdated methods for getting links, but the basics still apply and always will when it comes to SEO.

    As an IT pro, you have to remember that we are dealing with computers, they work by running a program or algo that dictates what it does and how it does it, and Google is no different. Google does not wake up mad and treat your site bad, it does not prefer one color site over another, it just runs it’s program and ranks sites accordingly.

    I can tell you this up front, 80% of top rankings is based on incoming links. the Title of each page plays a good portion of onpage, and properly anchored links from related “PAGES” not sites is what makes up the mass majority of SEO.

  5. derekmichael Says:



    This is a rock-solid book. Good luck!

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