I need some good Search Engine Optimization tools. Can someone help?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I am looking for some Search Engine Optimization tools to help my site rank better. I am not interested in useless stuff or anything similar. I tried almost everything and my site only ranks high for a long tail keywords, but not for my main keywords. Recommend me some good SEO tools!

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  1. globalsem Says:

    Here are some good seo tools and resources.

  2. sloth.manure Says:

    I second the recommendation for SEObook.com. There’s a very robust toolset there. The community is supposed to be super special awesome, but I wouldn’t know since I am an underpaid in-house peon and I can’t afford the 100$/month, nor can I convince the management to buy a subscription.

    Google Webmaster Tools can give you some info about crawler stats, broken links, etc. I would only use it on one website if you have a network, so sign up for different Google product accounts with different email addresses, don’t put more than one site under the same Google account if you want to rank both of them for the same keyword. I know it sounds paranoid but this is best practices these days. If it sounds too complicated to set this up correctly, then you are not unlike a few chuckleheads I work with and I will withhold my scathing judgment for the sake of politeness. If you don’t want to set up GWT and Analytics in a reasonably defensible manner, you should still crawl your site with some other tool, to diagnose crawl errors. Xenu link sleuth is okay for this purpose (Winblows only), though it sometimes craps out on large sites. It will show broken links and it can tell you whether your CMS is inadvertently showing the same content on different URLs, which will cause duplicate content issues. IIRC it will report page titles as well which is handy.

    Checking rank is kind of controversial, since Google hates it when people automatically query their search results. digitalpoint.com has a rank checking tool which is pretty good. SEMrush.com moved to a new domain and started charging money for lookups but the concept is interesting, it is basically a “reverse” Google index, based on referrer data from ISPs (it is possible to tell what a site’s Google rank is based on referrals from Google SERPs).

    linkdiagnosis.com is great. Use the Firefox extension for awesome competitive intel. Try http://classic.linkdiagnosis.com/ if you hate Flash as much as I do.

    Re: long tail, you might not want to bother with it. I’d only go after long tail phrases if the following conditions apply:

    1. your industry is competitive
    2. you don’t have a big marketing budget, and
    3. you can ID lucrative 2 or more word keyphrase niches that convert like crazy.

    Sounds like the long tail ain’t doin much for you so you may want to aggressively optimize for the “short head”, or whatever you call it. It’s not always about the tools, it’s about the strategy. Do competitve intel snooping on the top ten to see what it takes to rank. Be careful, because sometimes Google ranks stuff in the top ten for no good reason. The factors here are controversial, but I suggest getting links from sites/pages that have backlinks from the Open Directory Project, dmoz.org. Google overvalues dmoz as a trusted seed set of sites. If your site isn’t a scam you can probably even get your site into dmoz. It takes a million years, so if you don’t get in, don’t let worry consume your every waking moment. Dmoz is slow as all hell and hates SEOs as much as Google does.

    Well this environment is distracting as all hell and I’m busy being bitter about work, so that’s all I got. This will probably give you some stuff to work with, hope this helps.

  3. SEO Says:

    You can go through the site of SEOCENTRO or LINKVENDOR.

  4. private user Says:


  5. Loviho Says:

    There are a lot of tools online you can use to analyze keywords, analyze your website, your competition and to help you in building links. I can recommend you these:

    Google Keyword Suggestion Tool – This tool is for analyzing keywords, their search numbers, as well as finding out a lot of variations and alternative keywords.

    Crawl Test Tool from SEOmoz – will analyze your site and identify the quick and simple tasks you have to do in order to increase your rank.

    The Keyword Difficulty Tool from SEOmoz – will pinpoint the exact keywords that are not exploited and will be the goldmine of traffic.

    Linkscape from SEOmoz – will show you which links you need to rank and which links could actually get you penalized.

    There are tons of other tools and some are good and some aren’t, but if you want to save your time and money, these are the ones you should use. I have three websites with top positions on major search engines, so I know what I am talking about.

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