I really need some help with seo (search engine optimization) thanks?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I looked at tons of free advice, articles, tips online how to improve my ranks. So far i did a few link exchanges with sites similar to mine, i made sure i have the right keywords, i added informative titles and alt. tests, and i still cant find my site on google unless i search the actual domain. Thank You

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  1. Mark V Says:

    First off, if your up for the mathematical explanation look at the reference I’ve provided. This shows its not only important who links to you, but from what page they are linking to your from. Its also important to look at your own internal linking structure as this also affects how much importance you place on each page.

    You might want to look at setting up a Google Analytics account. Set up your site so you can start analysing your sites statistics. Find out what pages are being hit, bounced and why.

    It can also help if your site is W3C complaint, in HTML at least. The way the content is ordered and grouped will effect the way search engines spider your pages and display results.

    In the old days there was a lot of ‘hacking’ going on to trick search engines into listing pages that had different content on them, so most now only look at the content on the page rather than the meta data.

    Good luck.

  2. lifeplayer Says:

    SEO majority is backlink and keywords. As per you mentioned that you are using the right keywords, then you shall increase the keyword density if possible. Besides, you do link exchange, and you need to ensure your link is dofollow, else it wouldnt help much.

    On the other hand, i will suggest you go for dofollow forum posting and dofollow blog commenting which is the easy way to build link and help your PR & SERP

  3. bestweb Says:

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  4. Vaughan M Says:

    With everything going global these days, any business needs to be on the internet to survive. Of course, it’s only helpful of people can actually find you. Search engine optimization Tampa companies do help them compete with their neighbors in Orlando. For example, if someone is willing to drive all over the fine state of Florida to find that perfect classic car, a dealership that’s used a great Florida website marketing company could very well be the one to bring the buying client in. Of course, you have to have a decent website to start with. I can’t believe how many great companies out there have mediocre websites.

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