i want to know about the training institues which provides taining in search engine optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

i want to do a course of search engine optimization.but course should not be online.

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  1. Cva Says:

    You can easily learn SEO reading the ebooks some of which are available on internet for free.
    Check out the sites below for online training

  2. superfly884 Says:

    hahahaha. sorry I find this a lil funny. first of all if there was a class for SEO then your already doing stuff that is two old, two late. which will get you no where. You can go to these sites and get a good idea of what it takes but the best comes from your own findings. think about it for a sec. If someone knows how to get first place for certain keywords which people do know. then do you think they are going to tell you all of their dirty lil tricks? I think not..

  3. EhealthEWealth Says:

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