Is search engine optimization bible the best book on SEO?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I heard from one of you that “search engine optimization bible” by Jerri L. Ledford was the best book on mastering seo is this true or is there another book that is the best?

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  1. L Jenkins Says:

    Haven’t read that one, but “Advanced SEO Techniques” is helpful…

  2. aju Says:

    Yeah, of course. SEO bible is the best available book.

  3. Mahmoud Says:

    no, i think so

    try to use google

  4. Sasha Marketter Says:

    Not so sure about that, I like the SEO Book – great SEO training. You can see more at

  5. Haris Says:

    Hi dear,

    There is no best book on internet for mastering SEO. Because SEO is an ongoing process. Strategies change day by day.

    Best way of learning SEO is research and googling. Ask questions and discover answers from forums like is also a good place for this purpose.

  6. Steve Says:

    There are amny books available online foe SEO purpose, you cannot say which one is best or not. It all depends on the person how he understands the concepts and theories. You can also go to other SEO books like “Road 2 SEO by Tony Tateossian”. It is also a great book to learn.

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