Is Search Engine Optimization Dead?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I just wanted others’ opinion about Search Engine Optimization. Google is moving in a direction that more and more customization is incorporated in search results. The old fashion way of using meta tags to make a site rank high are long gone. Now with Google, you can customize what websites you would like to see and what websites you would like to delete from your results. You can also make certain websites show up higher, in the list on your results, than others. So do you think that Search Engine Optimization is dead? Where is Google going with their strategies?

Also, now you can comment on any website that shows up in Google’s results page. So one could easily comment on his/her competitors’ website and say nasty stuff about them. They can easily ruin one’s reputation. What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. SEO Wizz Says:

    Well the straight answer to your question is “no, I don’t think SEO is dead”

    However I do think you are going to have to adapt in order to survive. META description and keyword tags have not given any ranking weight for a long time. Using META optimisation was what I used back in 2000 – 2003, it is all about inbound links now.

    The new look to Google’s serps is only the start of Google’s strategies as they are looking to give authority with sites that are more user friendly and interactive. SEO will be now about affectively marketing your site and creating a good user experience as well as making it relevant.

    Another factor you have to take into consideration is that not everyone will choose to customize their results, especially those who are not internet savvy and these are usually the most profitable visitors.

    I firmly believe the way forward for SEO is in the analytics side, where is traffic coming from? what keywords are being used? what keywords convert? etc… SEO has always about been about making a site more focused and profitable.

    I recently wrote an article concerning this matter at , you might like to read it :)

  2. 556 Says:


  3. Francisco S Says:

    I don’t think SEO would die. SEO is designed for improving one site in terms of traffic. You just need to fully understand its system. Check out some articles regarding this matter,

  4. kissbigal Says:

    I don’t think its dead. I think its changing and will be based more on content in future.

    I think googles strategy is to have the best sites (content wise) ranked high rather than the best advertised sites.
    The idea being that if they can improve their search results even more, users wont see the point of using lesser search engines.
    And if you are always on google then your likely to use other google features ect.
    Google continues to be the best and more and more people are using it
    What if it changes the way we use the Internet?
    Maybe its already begun with ‘make google your home page’
    Then creating a google account and customising your homepage
    Customising and improving searches. If they improve much more then there wont be any point using other search engines. Others will be brought (by google) or fade out.
    Everyone will use google
    They will make a FORTUNE with advertising
    Google will ‘be the internet’

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