is SEO (Search engine optimization) to be considered while developing a website or after developing it?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

We are in the process of developing a PHP/mysql based site and like to know if SEO should be applied while developing it or after launching it. As you know by now, i have no idea about SEO as such.

Thanks for the help

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  1. mawduce65 Says:

    You will want to consider search engines right from the start. In the old days, search engines simply looked at the keyword list in the META tags and that was the end of it. This system was too easily fooled, as many began including keywords that had nothing to do with their website. No one really knows how the Google god operates, and Google won’t tell you, but one thing is for sure, Google hates image induced web page titles and a lot of flash. Take a look at the top websites in their categories. Most of the websites you see will not be overdone or burdened with unnecessary junk. Graphics is not information and valid HTML. Google seems to thrive on valid text and code, lots of links and a small contribution to the Google cause. Good luck feeding this beast:)

    And make no mistake, all obey and exist to serve Google, and they are happy to do so. It’s a sophisticated network that requires experimentation and knowledge to navigate. There will be a learning curve. Some advise from a consultant may help, but is not likely to. You will need network coverage and the tools to ensure the best possible ranking you can get. You really won’t know how your work will perform in real time until you put the website through it’s paces.
    I wish you the very best

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