Is this search engine optimization company legit?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I am wondering if anyone has any information on this company

They have called me and said that they can increase my business by getting me loads of traffic in the sponsored links in Google. I just want to make sure it is legit before paying $260 usd. per month.
Thanks Ed. You just saved me some money!

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  1. Ed Atun Says:

    Avoid them. Their own SEO ranking for their website is 65%. They make lots of promises but you will be wasting your money.

  2. Avery Jordan Says:

    Hey Donald,

    Forget about all the things you have learned about Social Media- It’s all crap! You really don’t have to work so hard or pay that much; especially per month. If you are willing to pay that much a month for website traffic, I have something amazing for you to check out. And this is only a one time payment!
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    This software was on the “hush-hush”, until now. I am getting all GIDDY just thinking about how much time and money it will save you!
    It will:

    -Create over 10,000 social media accounts
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    -Create “Link Pools”, Spin Posts titles,
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    and lots more…

    It’s so simple to use that even a complete NEWBIE can use it. So don’t waste anymore of your
    precious time. Check out Instant Social Anarchy right now. The link for Social Anarchy is in the source.

    Your friend,

    If they max out sales before you read this I am really sorry.

  3. Kevin Lees Says:

    links are very important to your site, you can build links via post articles in blog, forum,comnents,ect

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