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Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I made a website for a dentist and he is looking for a company that will submit his site for their search engine so when someone types in Miamisburg, Ohio dentist his name shows up in the top 10. Can you list a company that will do this for a decent price? Or does it even cost any money to even do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Gordon S Says:

    you can do that for free yourself at the different search engines. Just make sure you have good keywords in your meta tags.

  2. RealSEO - Ask Good Questions Says:

    Saw this and made me think of a recent client. I just brought a regional dental office to #1 in a large metro area on Google search/maps, yahoo search, and search… more than tripling their web leads. The web leads had a value of “over” $300 because the conversion-to-customer is so high and customers tend to stay with them. The fees my firm charged were paid back a few months. Now, the growth continues thanks to their smart marketing efforts to EXISTING customers (referrals, follow ups, online ratings.)

    Here are some key points for you.

    1. Keyword research. DO NOT assume people are typing what you think they are. You will be wrong. I’ve been doing full time SEO for 8+ years and I am often wrong. You must research the keyword searches.

    2. Title tags on your pages,

    tags on your pages must reflect the regional nature of your site. You are not trying to rate highly for national searches.

    3. Inbound linkages to your site should be from regional sites and the anchor text should use the keyword search set you found in #1. This is a tedious process but absolutely required. Every page you link to should contain the regional names/address of each office location.

    4. List the dental office address on every page between

    tags. Utilize local images in photography and use meaningful alt-tags.

    5. The only meta tag that matters is your description tag, and that matters ONLY because it controls the text that appears in the search engine result pages (SERPS) – that text should do one thing… get people to click on the SERP listing.

    6. Go and spend $299 on a Yahoo! Directory link to your dental office in your regional section of the Y! directory. Write that text carefully. Worth every dime.

    7. Submit the site to Yahoo Local, Google Local Business Center, and local. Get a link from as well. Then, encourage your dental office to ask their customers to go and rate the office after their visit. Look for any regional portals that pass page rank… if they have ‘nofollow’ attributes on their links, skip them. Google ‘nofollow’ to learn more.

    8. Create a page on the dental office site you made called “rate our service” – I use for clients. On that page, put hyperlinks to Yahoo Local, Yelp, Superpages, and Google maps listing. This makes it easy for people to rate them rather than ‘finding’ them first.

    9. The dental office should give a small “rate us” card out to every customer (unless their a grumpy customer) with a link to the ‘rateus’ page on the site.

    10. Google, yahoo, etc. index all of these sites, and your site will have (presumably) 5 star ratings everywhere customers look. This includes the all-important one-box results at the top of Google SERPs.

    11. If the dental office has multiple locations, consider creating multiple sites. I know, I know – clients will balk at this but in the world of local search – a site is tagged with a “location” in the SERPs and it’s hard to optimize for more than one. Never re-use content on multiple site lest you get duplicate content penalties. IF YOU DO use multiple sites then you must focus each one’s content/copywriting on the region it represents.

    Hiring a high quality Search Marketing Firm to do this work will typically run around $100-200/hour and worth every dime. AVOID the wannabes and amateurs.

    The firm does not have to be local to do a great job. For a dental office to rate highly and have a strong social media presence usually takes 3-6 months.

    The marketing portion website should have ONE GOAL – to get the first customer visit. It should not be to try to impress them with cuteness or try to win design awards. It should get them on the phone. Period. Most web designers I know have forgotten this, and it costs small businesses a fortune.

    All the rest of the customer experience is off-line and conducted through branding (e.g. follow up emails, referral gifts, etc.)

    Scott Clark
    Web Marketing Expert
    fully engaged, not available for hire.

  3. Search Marketing Man Says:

    You can submit it to Google and Yahoo and more than likely Google and Yahoo will come and index the site. What you need to do to rank better is optimize the website. Check out Search Engine Marketing Inc. it will give you some basic info to optimize the website. Focus on the URL name and title tag for starters

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