Search Engine Optimization…Is this something I could possibly do on my own?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Do i necessarily have to engage professional services to to optimize my website? Or is there anywhere i could get the tools, software or knowledge to do this…if possibly free?

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  1. Sun Says:

    It’s extremely difficult sometimes to get a site listed high on google, you are fighting with billions of other websites for the top slots. It all depends on what your site is about and how unique it is.

    Make sure your meta tags are in order, the content of the website should be keyword heavy; make sure to pick 6-12 keywords and reuse them over and over. Relevent content is important… clear out any “invisible words” because search engines will pick up on these.

    Register your website with the top search engines and wait a few months. It can also be benificial to shower the search engines with money in order to get your sites up at the top. The first couple pages are usually people who have paid an SEO company to revamp their website in order to be keyword friendly…. this prcoes is very expensive, so if you are not planning on making money with your site then making the first few pages may not happen.

    Alternate tags should be keyword heavy but not packed, google doesn’t like it when people do this.

  2. Rich Says:

    I would do a search about SEO. There is a ton of stuff out there about it. You can do it yourself. It would be too long to explain fully here. However, here are just a few hints.

    Be sure that your index or default page has written text that is about your site. You want to include the words that folks will be searching for on that page. Be sure to include a Title, Description, and Keywords in your html code. Don’t write the page just for SEO, but carefully craft it to be sure that you are getting your message out with searching in mind.

    Search engines like sites with more than just one page. Do the above for each page.

    Go to Google when you are ready and register the website with them. There is an entire section about how to get the best placement on Google, from Google, and it is very well done.

    Do the same for Yahoo, Ask, and MSN.

    Take a look at:

    Read a lot because there is a lot to learn about SEO. I hope this gives you a place to start. Good luck.

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