Search Engine Optimization question about domain name?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Say for instance I try to be creative with my domain name. If I had it like such…, would that be more beneficial? Will the search engine pick up the words filipino and pinoy? Thanks.

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  1. A SCORPIO Says:

    I could be wrong, but I believe all “seem-to-be-related” words in the search engine will pick up those words.

  2. Jason T Says:

    It would depend on a number of factors.
    How much traffic you got to the website.
    How many incoming links from good solid authority sites. It would be helpful if the text in those links had either “pinoy” or “filipino” in them.
    If you used the words “filipino” and “pinoy” naturally in your posts. But not a million times or the search engines will catch on.

  3. krisanta_081 Says:

    For me, it would be great if your domain would be like this: or Since your target is Filipino or Pinoy, I suggest you have a .ph TLD. You will get the full Filipino or Pinoy keyword at the same time you will target the .ph which will mean to the search engine that you are located in the Philippines.

    Afterwards, when you are on top for the local target (meaning Philippines only) you can target the, here, you need a lot of backlinks from trusted sites, that I believe you can get very easily since your site has now page rank from the

    You just optimize your site and you will get to the top.

  4. Parkavi Says:

    The below link may useful for you.

  5. Kate Brown Says:

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  6. Justin P Says:

    Great question as I’m often asked this by my clients. The best solution for any successful search engine optimization campaign is to do your research PRIOR to purchasing the domain. I see it so many times where it is reversed and they wish they had done it right the first time.

    Prior to purchasing the domain make sure you do some keyword research on your topic and find the most searched keywords surrounding that topic.
    Head over to Google’s Adwords Keyword tool
    Do a search for your specific topic and then look for the most searched keywords that show up. Spend some time digging around the tool and finding the best/highest searched volume keywords.

    Once you have established a nice list of K/W head over to wherever you would purchase your domains. Do a search for these keywords, most likely if the keyword is popular it will be taken. Sometimes you get lucky and they aren’t taken yet.

    Let’s pretend your keyword was bass fishing, you did a search and found out that the domain was taken. Try different variations of .COM (no other TLDs) that involve your keyword. Use things like hyphens to help find domains. Remember that search engines look at the domain in almost the same fashion as

    This is the first and most important step in a successful SEO campaign for a website!

  7. lifeplayer Says:

    Yes, it can but not the primary matching. It is better if you use the filipino or pinoy as your domain name which help more in term of SEO.

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