Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in dreamweaver.?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Where in dreamweaver can I add key words, and tags to help my site gain more hits? I know that it is called Search Engine Optimization, I am just not sure where to add the keywords and tags.

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  1. Colanth Says:

    You add keywords in the in

  2. My banana in your republic Says:

    normally used it meta-tags ( just place them in the header of your pages (switch to code view)

  3. Fallendown2005 Says:

    Add Meta tags to each of the header files of each of your web pages, also a short description of your website in there wouldn’t hurt either.


  4. JIM Says:

    It doesn’t answer your question, but I wonder why so many people give themselves so much work with their website.
    I built my own website (dedicated to a late best friend) – domain/site free from Microsoft Office Live – submitted it to Google myself. It appeared on Google just three weeks after launch (search HORTENSE ELLIS) and has remained at #1 for over two years now.
    Never bothered with anything like Dreamweaver

  5. The Web Man Says:

    Really dreamweaver doesn’t come into the equation.

    SEO isn’t just about keywords. The keywords meta tag is practically redundant and doesn’t help much for SEO listings.

    You need to concentrate on a good tag – Try using 3 words that you would expect someone to search for to find that page.</p> <p>A clear<br /> <h1> tag – Make sure this corresponds with your title tag.</p> <p>Make sure you page name uses the keywords in your title and h1. For example /my-keywords-here.html</p> <p>Also add plenty of content <p> along with lightweight XHTML and CSS. This will reduce the code in the page and give the text content higher relevance.</p> <p>You also have to take into account listing your site in social networks and directories and/or swapping links with other good related websites.</p> </h1> <p>

  6. Kego Says:

    Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you set up some good, basic SEO:

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