Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with website on GoDaddy?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I currently have a website with They have their own website creator program. I would like to make changes to some of the file names and file content to improve the search engine optimization of my website. I am a little confused now how I can do that with GoDaddy or any other hosted website provider…should I get Dreamweaver? Which FTP server do I need to connect to…I would appreciate if you could guide me in the right direction! Thanks.
I am basically looking for ways to FTP the files…do I need to download an FTP client?

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  1. Lead Says:

    We are godaddy reseller it is one of the best hosting company out there. If you login to your hosting account they have built in file manager where you can download the files to your local desktop edit it with a text editor notepad, textpad or html editor like frontpage, dreamweaver.

    Best FTP Client that will allow you to download files from Godaddy hosting server to your desktop is FileZilla ftp client which is free and easy to use

    Here are some resources that will help

    Here is cool video for downloading and installing FileZilla ftp client, which will help you upload files to your ftp folder.

    Check this out for free SEO tips & tools more reading:

    Free domain with hosting

    If you need help in developing a niche and professional website do let us know, we will help you with each step from design, development to getting on top of search engine…

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  2. Angiel Says:

    Unless something has recently changed, if you are using GD’s hosted website creator, you just log into your account and open the specific pages you want to edit.

    Once there, you can easily change file names, keywords, and content.

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