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Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals of SEO & Rankings BONUS!!! DVD Includes Links to Search Engine Websites Let Us Show You How IN THIS VIDEO YOU WILL LEARN •How to check the search engines •To properly submit your URL to the major search engines •How to create site maps •How to optimize your website •To avoid common mistakes •How to use meta data •About headline tags •How to use affiliate links •The importance of text •To use free sources to improve your rankings Your Host: Stephen Showalter Mr. Showalter walks you through step by step with actual screen capture learning sequences. Learn as Steve takes you through proven procedures that will help improve your website rankings. See how to optimize your website rankings in an easy to understand format. You will learn proper techniques for search engine optimization that can greatly improve your rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK and other search engines. For the complete video visit

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