Search Engine Optimization & Social Medial Optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Can any one tell me which one is most beneficial?? Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Optimization??
Please help??

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  1. Shawn Says:

    SEO is more beneficial, imagine having your own store and thousands customers walking in to buy things…thats basically what SEO is because thousands of customers will visit your site once your on the frontpage….but the problem is SEO takes up to a year


    to put your site frontpage on the major search engines in 24 hour

  2. Trevor Says:

    Well Social Media Optimization is actually one of the SEO tools. Why? cause when you build a link on a social media network, that would be analyzed by the search engine robots. So…it seems to be the same thing to me. Actually, Social media techniques are the most reliable tool inside my SEO campaign. Reliable traffic!

    We are the most effective internet marketing network!

  3. AITpro Says:

    I’m a professional SEO Specilist. Organic SEO is the best most effective method of establishing the quickest possible page rank/position. You would use SMO over Organic SEO if let’s say you have a really hot new product or piece of information that will go viral once people here about it. You can expect Organic SEO results to be posted and searchable on Google in 15 days. You need to do a couple of things to make this happen in 15 days. Just doing the SEO and uploading your web pages to your host will not get you results in 15 days, more like a month or more of waiting until a Bot finally discovers your website. Without going into all the specifics I just want to assure you Organic SEO is your starting point, unless of course you just discovered how to do time travel. Just so you don’t think I’m a goof ball, do this search on Google – “top 10 page rank results” my site is #6. The majority of the page rank is coming from my Organic SEO work with a little help from a couple of good inbound links. Good luck. I have more info on SEO on my website shown below.

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