Search Engine Optimization suggestions please?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Hey, i just put up my site and i’m trying to get it optimized.
Thus far I’ve:
-created a blog
-submitted my xml sitemap to google
-made good title pages
-added my keywords to the pg.
-linked to a couple of sites

As of now, google has indexed some of the pages on my site but not my home page yet.
Any suggestions of what else i can do for free?
Anyone know why my home page wasn’t indexed while some of my other pages were?

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  1. madhavan n Says:

    well done

  2. bestweb Says:

    For all the answer you need about how to inprove your web site i suggesting for free and for the best

  3. gtmeout Says:

    Check this site out for more tips:

  4. Steve C Says:

    One of the factors is the number of links that point to your site from other sites. If you post a contribution to a Google Groups forum (for example) and place your URL somewhere in the body, that will get the job done. The better the contribution, the longer the link will remain available because good posts get snatched up as content on other sites. It works on any social network that makes user posts visible in the public spectrum.

    Let me try it here to see if Google picks up my site’s link from Yahoo Answers:

  5. Supernova75 Says:

    Download this free seo software and it will guide you and tell you what needs to be done for better search engine ranking.

  6. Herman W Says:


    Great post. The most important part of business is advertising. This makes or breaks a business. Some of the best ways to advertise I’ve found are:

    1. Offline promoting (business cards, flyers, newspaper and other print advertising).
    2. Online promoting (buying banner ads, forum posts, email auto replies).

    The best method that’s worked for me so far is handing out business cards. I don’t do this in the usual way…. I buy them in bulk from a place online (they give the cards for free, I just paid shipping and handling…they also give a really nice free business card holder, it looks impressive). They’re really high quality. I just put all of the info about my business on the cards, and I hand them out on cars at bus stations, malls, etc. It’s worked out really, really well for me, and it’s completely inexpensive =)

    Good Luck with your business!

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