Search Engines Optimization Expectations

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

10 search engine optimization expectations you need to understand when trying to rank well on the major search engines like Google.

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  1. businessdude2020v Says:

    this is BS. how are guys ranking in Google in less than 60 days. this guy is BS. excuse my language. he was right at some things but not all.

  2. MrBigPoppa43 Says:

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  4. ajayg514 Says:

    google – search themusicage

  5. gigman7 Says:

    But he said you are “not” going to.

  6. jacobstoops Says:

    Quick results in any search engine are not typical, and are generally the exception rather than the rule. SEO generally takes lots of time.

  7. TheWealthyPromoter Says:

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  8. Gdigdi1 Says:

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  9. Reynaldowers Says:

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  10. MarketSuccess Says:

    Hey there. Nice video. Feel free to check out mine when you get a gap okay? Talk to you soon

  11. gigman7 Says:


  12. Theboardsurfer Says:

    How about Google, nimrod? Yahoo is nothing.

  13. gigman7 Says:

    Expectation #1 is wrong. I had one web site that was on the first page of Yahoo in about a month.

  14. michaelcwking Says:

    Nicely done, I love the passion!

  15. gkam2 Says:

    so basically have the best site ever?

  16. sagerock Says:

    Thanks so much seofirm! I really appreciate the kind words.

  17. seofirm Says:

    For those business owners that need this extra “kick in the butt” realistic level of SEO expectations spelled out to them, this is a very thorough and realistic video to show them [even before starting their SEO campaign].

  18. seofirm Says:

    Hi Sage, as president of an organic SEO firm too, I very much agree that many SEO clients (despite your continual SEO education/training throughout the next 365 days with them), have different [and inaccurate] illusions about how their Web site should be “seen” and ranked for their keyword in search engines. Great job pin pointing the most popular questions business owners ask SEO firms during their commitment.

  19. qasim140 Says:

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  20. elvergon13 Says:

    good info

  21. eccentricenglishman Says:

    Thanks Sage, unbiased clear advice, about to sack our SEO company and will now give them the full 365.

  22. Loser2WinnerGuy Says:

    Hmmm. A couple of wake up calls for yours truly on this vid. I’m still glad you posted it, though – thanks for some kick ass valuable information that is probably going to save me a lot of time.

    Five stars easily on this one.

  23. SeeDirtRun Says:

    Very realistic grounded advice to a newbie.

  24. sagerock Says:

    I know what you mean!

  25. shelleycorbin Says:

    Dam*! i was hoping to start getting rich within a month!

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