SEO Search Engine Optimization whats the best way to seo my site?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

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  1. jasser hashem Says:

    1-use google webmaster tools > site map < target people in your location.
    2- build a good content focus on key word
    3- build a healthy internal link structure < impo 1st>
    4- collect links from other websites , blogs
    my advice for step 4 use this program (fast blog finder)
    search for key word, leave a good comment on blog, put your url

  2. trentton j Says:

    The bestway tosearch EngineOptimize yousiteistousethe Google SEO Magic Method

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  3. askmrknight Says:

    The best way to optimize your site is to start from scratch with a top ten rank as a goal.

    Most of the tricks of the trade can be done for very little out of pocket.

    I’ve been in internet marketing since 1988, when hardly anyone even knew about the internet.

    Or, called it the information superhighway.

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  4. dazzleUp Says:

    social networking (collect thousands & thousands of friends)
    .. did i say content twice? :o

    there are lots of services out there who can help you with this concern.. tell me.. ;)

  5. foodcrazy Says:

    Do keyword research
    sort out which are your best fit keywords
    find out who your market is

    Or alternatively I will do it for you for a small fee plus I will also
    sort out any other problems you may be having

    I have been building sites for the past 9 years.

    you can email me here – groom63-seo (at)


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