Use of meta tags in the process of search engine optimization

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

what r the rules and process to create good meta tags to optimize a website effectively. More specifically, if any one use a word twice or more in the key word meta tag or title meta tag will it be a negative according to google? Google didn’t say clearly about this matter. Plz help.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Stephanie R Says:

    I feel your pain. I am still trying to understand meta-tags myself. Some web hosts have the tools to automatically include meta-tags on your site and some have really good descriptions and explanations about meta-tags in their help section. Check your web host for more information and that might help you understand a little more.

    You can also do a search on the internet. I found the best way to understand the rules when it comes to designing and promoting websites is to read everything you can get your hands on. Look for articles about meta-tags and this could not only help you understand them better but also give you some good insight and tips to using them.

  2. Says:

    Because meta data can so easily manipulated by the webmaster, the use of this information has taken on less importance. Keyword tags, for example, get no respect from search engine algorithms because too many site owners stuff every possible keyword and variation.

    The real purpose of meta data (remember, only bots see it) is to explain your site to a bot – the description tag has to synch up with site text, nofollow tags have to placed on pages you don’t want indexed, and title tags on individual pages will get you more access points to the site with more Google links because each page will be indexed as a distinct piece of information about whatever that page’s content contains.

    Google gives some pretty good lessons on how to use meta data at webmaster central. You can also see your site the way Google bots see it and if they don;t like the 2,000 keywords stuffed into your meta data, you’ll have to fix the problem to get a little of that bot respect.

  3. Mike Farley Says:

    Meta Tags still play a role in optimization, not a large roll anymore, but a role nonetheless.

    The rule of thumb is, be descriptive and accurate. Do not stuff keyword combinations in the keyword tags or in the title of the page.

    With that said, every page should have a title, description, and keywords.

    Mike Farley, Owner
    Elegance in Design –
    Amplify SEO –

  4. SEO DON Says:

    Simply put, think of meta tags as a way to “flag” your web pages for the search engines. Your web page title, strictly speaking, is not a meta tag. However, the title is the most important component of all. Make sure that your best keyword phrase is placed within the title. It’s like putting your best foot forward. The meta keywords and the meta description are ranked next and both carry very little weight in terms of ranking. That being said, some search engines still give some value to them and it takes very little time to add your best keyword phrases there as well. More than meta tags however, your actual content must be relevant to the keywords you wish to be found for.

  5. SEOGuy Says:

    Meta tags certainly are still important, though I would agree with what others here have said in that their importance is not as strong as it once was. However, every little bit helps, so I strongly recommend to use meta tags and descriptions in your Search Engine Optimization activities.

    However, and this is a huge however, I would not try to keyword stuff your meta tag information. Yes, you can use the same keyword more than once; but don’t get silly or you’ll find yourself banned from Google.

    On we have pages that have the same word of a keyword used more than once but we make sure to separate it by a keyword that does not hold this attribute.

    For example, if “pie” is the keyword this would be a possible keyword set for a specific page.
    KEYWORDS: Apple Pie, Dessert, Pie Filling

    However, how many people do you think are trying to gain an audience from the keyword “apple pie”. Fortunately we can let Google answer that question on a Google search in the upper right blue bar.

    Apple Pie = 6,030,000

    That’s a lot of people. So we also focus on the long-tail keywords that shows us people are actually finding our site from. So instead of just having a keyword of “apple pie” we also use a longer tail verse like “healthy apple pie crust”. It’s safe to guess that this keyword phrase is being targeted less.

    Healthy Apple Pie Crust = 80,800

    And according to Google we would be correct.

    One final thought. Information has been released recently that MySpace has doubled the size of viewers of Google. That’s a lot of people. While I would highly advise SEO’ing your website don’t miss the opportunities of Social Networking and Social Bookmarking while in the process of using older methods of gaining traffic to your website.

    If the information above has been helpful I’d be pleased to provide you with a no charge personal website review for even more valuable information. Just E-mail and let me know that you would like to receive this.

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