Web development question:How to go for search engine Optimization without spending much time and money.?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I am Web developer and I have to spend lot of my time for search engine optimization please help out technically.

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  1. haider s Says:


    there is many thing to do this
    1- ADD the Key word to your site in meta tag
    2-Add your link to other sites

  2. nik Says:

    make your site pages with rich and uinq content atlest 300 words.

  3. Zen Says:

    When you are optimizing a webpage, don’t bother too much about all search ranking aspect. The more you understand the more complicated it will be. What you need to do is to follow their guidelines.

    1.) Make sure you have your main keyword included in your title
    2.) Make sure you don’t stuff keyword in meta tags and hope that search engine will rank you #1 in all keywords. Use only what your document is related to!
    3.) Always remember to have

    tags in your document. This is extremely important and could add relevancy weight to your page.
    4.) You first paragraph of your web document tells search engine what your content is all about. Have your keyword placed there will brings you benefits.
    5.) Double check your document and make sure you have not missing HTML tags. If not, this tell search engine that your pages does not have a good layout as unclosed HTML tags will break a webpage design.
    6.) Navigation structure. Provides a good navigation structure to BOTs. It will help them crawl your site quickly. A good structure should always have all subpages accessible for not more than 2 clicks away!
    7.) Have your document title included in your URLs. Keep away from dynamic URLs.

    You can also use some online toolkit to measure your document relevancy. Here is what I know as a good resource.

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