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Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I own, and need help with my seo!!!

I am currently using an Iframe to point my site towards my shopt *shopify. However most search engines reject this and I am getting poor SEO ratings. How can i point my domain to my shop without using Iframes?

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  1. Farah4u Says:

    I have also the same problem, I have made my website in Drupal 5.7. People say that google loves drupal. But thats not the case with my website. Your website is nice and simple. But i’ve heard that you should add it to the search engine only once. Below is my website address.

  2. David Says:

    If you want your site to be easily optimized try Seo Elite it is very easy to use and it does everything for you. It helped me for instance a lot! read more about Seo Elite here:

  3. Uriah G Says:

    Hey, I don’t have an answer to the Iframe problem, but, we use SEO godfather for our website and it works pretty good.

    Good luck

  4. eBay Seller Says:

    You can use a solution like to rather convert your site into a store.

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