What are the useful steps for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Can you recommend some steps for SEO?

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  1. Johnny Says:

    The best methods to increase your google ranking are as follows:

    - Social Bookmarking
    - Social Networks
    - Article Marketing
    - Blog Commenting
    - Forum Posting
    - Web 2.0 Blog Postings
    - Guest Blogging

    Very simple methods you can do yourself or hire someone out http://www.phoenixup.com/
    to do.

  2. upendra Says:

    SEO has three pillars.
    1 – Content
    2 – Relevancy
    3- Backlinks


  3. Mike Says:

    Hi Jena,
    Article marketing, directory distribution, Video promotion, twitter marketing are highly beneficial SEO techniques which can help you to drive more traffic to your websites. It is essential to perform SEO by a professional using manual submission methods.


  4. Leslie J. Romero Says:

    First,when you began to create your site,do on page seo,research your keyword,and then mention these keywords in your article.A seo friendly url structure is needed .At last,pay attention to ALT tag of picture.At last,remember content is king,so update your site regularly.
    Now let’s talk about off page seo,it’s mainly backlink building.Submit to directory,social network,article submission,etc

  5. Raj-Guru Says:

    Hi jena
    google ranking are as follows:

    -> Social Bookmarking
    -> Social Networks
    -> Article Marketing
    -> Blog Commenting
    -> Forum Posting
    -> Web 2.0 Blog Postings
    -> Guest Blogging

  6. Dee Says:

    There are 2 parts in optimizing websites, and they always come together – if you only focus to one, then work is pointless.

    A. ‘On site/page’ Optimization
    100% unique and original content
    Keyword placement and density
    Placement of web in-links
    Tags, meta-tags, alt attribute on images
    Placement of images
    Internal links
    Site Map

    B. Marketing aspect
    Website design
    Fonts, colors, size, images
    Catchy ads
    Easy navigation

    A. ‘Off site/page’ optimization
    all the answers mentioned above

    Off site/page optimization are generic, the hard part is on ‘research’ on where to find QUALITY backlinks that will stick permanently. ;-)

  7. Mike Says:

    Search Engine Optimization these days requires some pretty sophisticated technology, and isn’t typically something you can do on your own. A skilled SEO specialist can quickly determine if you even stand a chance of showing up in search engines. Here are the steps to follow.

    1. Get some analysis done for the keywords you want to be know for
    2. Use the most logical keywords in your websites Meta Title
    3. Select a domain name that contains that keyword.
    4. Compose a Meta Description using the keyword you chose for your title twice
    5. Once that’s done. Install an XML sitemap on your website (preferably with auto ping)
    6. Submit Site to Google
    7. Submit XML sitemap to Google
    8. Install Google Webmaster Tools
    9. Install Google Analytics

    Use the data you obtain to create landing pages, adjust your keywords, geographic targeting etc. Here is a free tool to get you started. http://netmorenow.com/services/website-promotion-free-reports

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