What is Organic SEO ? What is the different from normal Search Engine Optimization ?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Why should we use Organic SEO instead of using Pay Per Click ? And how Organic SEO works ?
Why should we use Organic SEO instead of using Pay Per Click ? And how Organic SEO works ?



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  1. emmasnw Says:

    Organic search listings are the natural listings that occur from whan a search engine spiders your website. They are provided to users when a keyword is entered into a search engine. The listings are not paid, or they are the websites the search engine has determined to be the most accurate matches for the keywords entered. The goal of the search engines are to deliver the “most accurate” results for the search terms.

    Organic SEO is optimization so that your website will occur in “natural” search engine listings. When a surfer types a keyword optimized and popular websites appear in the top listings. Organic listings are free. PPC listings are paid. :-)

    What is Organic Search – http://www.developer-resource.com/what-is-organic-search.htm

    How to Optimize for Organic Search – http://www.developer-resource.com/how-to-optimize-for-organic-search.htm

    Organic SEO – http://www.small-business-software.net/organic-seo.htm


  2. Jon Lee Clark Says:

    Organic SEO is the same thing as search engine optimization (SEO). There is no difference. SEO is accomplished by many, many things:
    link building
    website coding (title tags, meta data, h1-h4 tags,URLs, etc)
    website content
    submitting your site to the search engines

    I don’t think it is a question of either SEO or pay per click. I think they should be used in conjunction with each other.

    Think of SEO as free advertising once your rankings are achieved. Sure, it will take money and time to achieve those rankings and monthly maintenance to maintain those rankings but you won’t be paying for each click. With pay per click you will be paying each and every time someone clicks on your ad.

    The benefit to using both? Some keywords can be extremely difficult to rank for depending on the other companies targeting those keywords. Therefore, buy ads for those keywords while achieving organic rankings for others. I always advice my clients to utilize both. After all, if you don’t your competition will.

    Take a look at this website http://www.ppcforhire.com/semtools.html ….it has a ton of free Internet Marketing tools and blogs that I have no doubt will help (it has both SEO and PPC tools). your first step should be to get set up with google webmaster tools and yahoo site explorer – those two sites will help you get ‘validated’ with the two biggest search engines.

    Best of luck:)

  3. vizualbod Says:

    You took it wrong.

    SEO (search engine optimization) should improve your organic (unpaid) listing in Search engines.

    PPC (pay per click) gets you displayed in paid SE listings.

    That said: Organic SEO and normal SEO is the same thing.

    The main difference between SEO and PPC is that PPC should deliver guaranteed ROI (return on investment) instantly where as you can not guarantee ROI from SEO and it usually take a long time.

    If you need instant results go for PPC, if you are a bit more strategic seeking for long term benefits go for ethical SEO.

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