what is search engine optimization and various points to be followed while promoting a site?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

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  1. Maximus Says:

    Basicly, the term itself is used to express the action of optimizing your website so it can be displayed on the first pages of a search engine when a user uses that search engine looking for a specific term.
    points to consider? links to yuor website, your meta tags (if you know how to design a website using HTML), your title, your description to your website. and other points as well

  2. New Millennium Minds Says:

    Be very proactive. Create links using popular blogs that fit your area of interest. Use sites like PRWeb that are very well search optimized to create links to your site through news releases. Write these well and try to be in the top three bidders. If you can not be in the top three for say $100 or so, then I would move to another release date.

    Also find people listed and ranked well with the keyphrases you desire and request links from them. Don’t spend much time on the Free For All (FFA) sites. They gain very little, if any, advantage.

    Also, visit the New Millennium Minds blog regularly to stay in tune with New Millennium Business Minds.

  3. Rich Says:

    Build inbound links to your website.
    Most of the directories online charge a one time fee to review your site and add it to their index. Here are three of my favorites:
    The more inbound links to your site, the better you will rank
    with Yahoo / Google / MSN.

  4. Xpert Says:

    Have u heared of a bottom less pit. SEO is one Daily a new trick comes up and extends the way of working and thinking. Optimization is using for resources to make best out of best. and you should follow all steps in a proper format. best way is to study for latest forums and Case studies.

  5. jeff p Says:

    Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving you placement in the serch engine results pages. Many people will point you to just building inbopund links and participating in forums and such. Take that advise, but you can not live on that advice alone.

    There are a number of on page factors that will have an impact on your natural ability to rank well in the search engines. Those factors are;

    Using images in place of text.
    No use of alt text in value added images.
    Over use of images.
    Lack of headings tags.
    Poorly written title and description tags.
    Poor code to text ratio.
    Content too far down in the code.
    Low or excessive keyword ratios.
    Low keyword prominance.
    Excessive use of tables.
    Use of frames.
    URL Structuring for dynamic websites.
    Duplicate Content/Canonical Issues.
    No Site Map
    Excessive Use of Java or other scripting.

    Study and address these issues as well as build trust with your website and content.

  6. Look for best answer Says:

    just begining… huh!?
    advance marketers already use this:

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